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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide video services? 2018-07-30T01:27:31+00:00

Video is not within my realm of service offers.  Artistic NICHe only specializes in website development, graphic design and photography.

What should I wear? 2018-07-30T01:25:28+00:00

Solid colours are always a good place to start when coordinating your outfit.

Combining a variety of hard and soft textures allows you to create outfits that vary in personality. Textures such as: denim jeans, silk, lace and cotton all add unique feels to your portrait.

Avoid clothes with overwhelming colour patterns since they can pull attention from your face.

Keep your jewelry selections simple. Dramatic looking accessories will upstage you as the subject. 

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to wear, email or WhatsApp me pictures of the contenders. I’m happy to help you as much as you need.

How should I prepare for my photo shoot? 2018-07-30T01:21:39+00:00

In the time leading up to your photo shoot. Simply eat well, drink plenty of water and take good care of your skin.

Guys get that shave and haircut if you want that clean cut look. Ladies, get that new hairstyle. Experiment with your makeup before hand so that you know the look that you are trying achieve. Do not house paint your face. Excessive makeup will betray you.

Select your outfit(s) and any props you want included in your story.

Please research the directions to the decided location beforehand to ensure that we have a prompt start.

And on the night before, get a good night’s rest.

Will you help me with my posing? 2018-07-30T01:19:55+00:00

Yes, I will help with your posing! I will orchestrate your body with several flattering and appropriate poses but as the photo shoot continues and you become more relaxed and empowered, my hands will occasionally come off the wheel. 

Will I receive the raw, unedited files? 2018-07-30T01:18:40+00:00

No! You will not have access to the raw, unedited files. Only images that reflect my very high standards will be delivered. 

Can some of my photographs be delivered in both black & white and colour? 2018-07-30T01:17:00+00:00

They can! All images are prepared in both colour AND black and white. This way you can choose between the two.

How long does it take before I receive my photographs? 2018-07-30T01:15:36+00:00

Online galleries are posted within two weeks of the photo shoot date.

After you have selected your choices, the digital files will be released shortly after for download.

How would you describe your style of photography? 2018-07-30T01:13:21+00:00

My style is an evolution of simplicity. I create images that trigger desire. The desire to know more about the subject. To share in the emotion. To share in the experience.

My main goal isn’t to just make “pretty pictures” but to craft images that fully exhibit the personality and sensation of the subject.

What is your cancellation policy with regards to photo shoots? 2018-07-30T01:11:59+00:00

For all photography sessions; a non-refundable retainer fee is required to book and hold the date for your session. It also serves as the cancellation fee. Cancellations must be made 48hrs in advance of your session date. All cancellations made within the 48hr window forfeits your retainer fee.

I am completely new to this “website thing.” How does the whole process work? 2018-08-02T17:48:27+00:00

That’s OK. It will be my pleasure to walk you through the process. It can be broken down into four phases: 

Phase 1 – Research, Strategy & Proposal

Phase 2 – Content Creation & Collection

Phase 3 – Design & Development

Phase 4 – Testing & Launch

Phase 1 involves getting to know you the client and the project you wish to undertake. We then establish goals and a design direction. After this meeting, I’ll provide you with a detailed proposal and project timeline.

Once the proposal has been accepted and the initial deposit received, work will commence.

A planning meeting that further explores the objectives and communicates our courses of action is injected here. This is to ensure that we kickoff the project on the right foot.

Phase 2 involves the creation, collection and organization of your website’s assets. Assets include: text, photos, videos, charts, graphics, testimonials; anything you wish to share with your target audience. 

In Phase 3, we take the sitemap, sketches, assets and extra notes to the drawing board. You will then be presented with several design concepts and directions. And based on your feedback a single design path will open up.

It is at this juncture that a 35% installment is collected.

Once a design has been agreed upon, the development of your website will commence. This is where we implement your website’s functionality (CMS, photo gallery, animations etc.)

In Phase 4, every aspect of the website is reviewed and put through its paces. Some changes may be made based on the review’s findings.

The remaining payment is now collected.

And once everything is good to go, the website is launched.

How long has Artistic NICHe been building websites? 2018-08-03T13:55:15+00:00

Artistic NICHwas founded in 2016. However, I have been immersed in web design and photography for well over 10 years. You can learn more by visiting the About Me page.

How much does a website cost? 2018-07-30T01:07:06+00:00

The final cost of a website depends on multiple factors, similar to how the cost of a house can vary. Artistic NICHe’s websites generally start from USD $1000 for a basic website and scale upwards depending on your unique needs.

How does the payment process work? (Websites) 2018-08-02T17:40:28+00:00

Website development commences after an initial 50% deposit. After the 1st review, a 35% installment  is collected. Then the final payment is collected when the website is completed and ready for launch.

How long does it take to build a website? 2018-07-30T01:00:29+00:00

Artistic NICHe’s basic websites take approximately 6 weeks to create. However, this time will vary from project to project.

Can you help me update my existing website that another web firm built? 2018-08-03T14:00:55+00:00

No. I do not provide support for websites built by other parties.

Can you help me source photos for my website? 2018-07-30T00:56:35+00:00

Yes. Artistic NICHe will help you source stock photos from several of the internet’s more prominent stock photography websites. Additionally, Artistic NICHe can provide custom photography, to really personalize your website.

Do I own my website? 2018-07-30T00:54:51+00:00

YES! The website will be 100% owned by you.

Do you have a studio? 2018-07-30T00:50:46+00:00

I currently do not have any studio facilities. I primarily shoot on location and outdoors. However, if you require photographs in a studio setting, I can make arrangements for a studio rental.

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